Archiwum dla czerwiec, 2009

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Paradoxes of Image in Digital Era

niedziela, 28 czerwca, 2009

Text first published in: „12th International Digital Photo Competition”. Częstochowa 2009.

In the Treatise on the Visual Image Zbigniew Rybczyński writes, which may seem only a spectacular rhetorical phrase, but in my opinion is not, that “both intellectually and technically we have reached a point in which the condition of vision may well be compared to the condition of writing before the invention of print”(1). It happened that I commented upon the treatise, so I would like to repeat something I have written already: “However, the greatest visionaries, thinkers and artist should not be denied the right  to express opinions that seem exaggerated today but which may be positively verified by the reality very soon”(2). When for the first time I was reading a concise summary of several years of work, experiences and reflections of Tango’s author, I was unceasingly accompanied by a feeling that I know it all, that somebody formulates obvious truths. But the next minute I realized that one must have an unprecedented certainly of his own convictions, supported by years of experience, to be able to, apparently in such a simple way, express what many think but only for few is obvious, because in this case clear and complete thinking what the image is and how it should be distinguished, supported by years of reflections, practice and experiments. (więcej…)