Archiwum dla grudzień, 2011

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A Transmedia Journey Through the World of Lech Majewski’s Art

niedziela, 18 grudnia, 2011

Text published in: City Film/Film City. II International Film Festival Regiofun. Catalogue. Katowice 2011.

As I watched the retrospective exhibition of Lech Majewski’s works in the National Museum in Kraków, it occurred to me I was witnessing the official recognition of an artist who had often been treated with puzzling aloofness by the artistic community, critics, and sometimes, though less frequently, by the art public. His indisputable successes all over the world, particularly in recent years, are truly impressive. Let us only mention the retrospectives in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata in Argentina (2005), the monographic presentation in Museum of Modern Art in New York (2006), shows in London’s Whitechapel Art Galery, special exhibits of Blood of a Poet at the Film Festival in Berlin (2007) and at the Venice Biennale (2007), where the artist returned in 2011 with his The Mill & the Cross, displays organized across the world – from the United States (Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Washington, Cleveland, Chicago, Berkeley, Portland), Europe (Paris, London, Berlin, Venice, Frankfurt am Main, Rotterdam), through Japan (Nagoya, Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo), New Zealand and Taiwan. If to all this we add the fact that his most recent production has already been sold to nearly 50 countries, while its première took place in the Louvre in Paris, then it is clear that Majewski has achieved the distinct position of an artist of a world (in many senses of the word) format. (więcej…)